Seeds of change

April 2021

As we launch into spring, it feels as though we may finally be able to take a breath of fresh air and begin to rediscover some of life as we once knew it. The greatest vaccination campaign in history is underway in our communities and, combined with the onset of spring, signifies a time of optimism. Yet while our team is energized by the season, we grieve the lives taken in Atlanta and the rise of anti-Asian hate. As an organization, Hatcher rejects racism, condemns hate crimes, and stands in solidarity with our team and our communities facing discrimination and violence. May this season of renewal plant the seeds of change needed to overcome injustice and inequality.

The upcoming Earth Day celebration combined with a spring-forward focus offers a perfect occasion to commemorate our clients working in the environmental sector and others who bring new light and perspectives to bear on important social issues. In this month’s issue, we celebrate and share some of our clients’ Earth Day reflections. We also showcase the work of the Education Law Center (ELC), an organization that illuminates existing educational inequalities and opportunities to build a more fair and equitable system. And last but certainly not least, we celebrate the energizing light of our Creative Director and Senior Vice President, Reece Quiñones, who was just named the recipient of the AIGA-DC Fellow Award, the highest honor a graphic designer can receive.

Here’s to the glimmer on the horizon and the renewal of spring!