Nourishing our collective souls

October 2020

If you read our newsletters this summer, you know we’ve been engaged in a rebranding effort and were approaching a significant anniversary. Meaningful change was afoot at Hatcher. And so, on the first of this month, in a year filled with seemingly endless challenges, we all gathered at the National Arboretum to celebrate. And it was simply perfect. Mother Nature gave us a brilliant afternoon, and our hardworking events team created a wonderful and safe picnic. It was a reunion more than six months in the making, featuring a look back to honor 20 years of Hatcher, and a nod to the future with a tip of our newly branded trucker hats. While we’ve worked successfully in a remote environment, there’s no replacement for that in-person connection. Don’t underestimate the power of seeing your colleague’s smiling eyes over their mask – truly energizing.


In this edition of Spark, we share the superpower that led to the successful rebrand of a behavioral health client’s life-saving hotline and offer change management best practices we employed during our rebrand. And, finally, we raise our glasses one more time this month to acknowledge our team’s creativity and hard work, as recognized by several industry awards.

Here at Hatcher, we have nourished our collective souls this month and wish you all the same opportunity.