Welcoming a Renewed Season of Change, Impact, and Growth

Spring is a season of renewal in so many ways, none more evident than the revival of our environment. It’s also representative of new beginnings for curiosity, self-reflection, and growth. Here at Hatcher, we eagerly welcome that energy and rejuvenation, and an intentionality toward our colleagues, our culture, our clients, and our surroundings.

In this edition of Spark, we focus on the environment — one of our business sectors — as we continuously strive to promote programs and policies that create healthy communities for all. We are delighted to share the great work of Waterkeepers Chesapeake, who uses grassroots advocacy to promote the Clean Water Act, while focusing on local, regional, and global water crisis issues. We also spotlight environmental justice advocacy to address systemic practices disproportionately impacting the health of people of color. Finally, we are thrilled to share recent recognition by PRNEWS of our collaboration with two clients, highlighting their work and missions.

We hope you take the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day this month and invite you to do your part to protect your environment locally or in support of environmental justice globally. We remain inspired to build healthy communities for all, elevate our clients’ incredible work, and keep our planet, and each other, thriving.

Spring forward!