Cristobella Durrette

Manager, Integrated Solutions

Cristobella is a dynamic data analyst with a wide range of analytics and project management experience across the journalism and hospitality industries.

Most recently, she was a Media Analyst at Choice Hotels International where she leveraged data to develop impactful analytics reports about digital campaign progress and supported campaign design. Cristobella has also worked as a reporter on Capitol Hill, producing data-driven stories for Inside Climate News, Wisconsin State Journal and United Press International, among others.  

Cristobella received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Houston, winning a Senior Honors Thesis award for her graphic novella. She also earned a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, specializing in politics, policy and foreign affairs.  


  • Humanizing data to drive impactful storytelling that conveys relevant insights and valuable results
  • Drawing on my background in art and design to create clear, engaging data visualizations
  • Creating and solving crossword puzzles – I excel at finding the patterns within data and translating information into a cohesive narrative
  • Life-long learning and a tireless curiosity about new ideas and diverse perspectives 

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