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The Million Acre Challenge is a farmer-driven collaborative that connects Maryland farmers of all backgrounds with the latest research on healthy soil practices and with groups that disseminate farming best practices. The coalition’s goal is to enhance soil and ecosystem health, and increase farm profitability, on at least 1 million agricultural acres in Maryland by 2030. The Hatcher Group joined the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Fair Farms (a project of Waterkeepers Chesapeake), Future Harvest, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance as founding partners of the Million Acre Challenge. Hatcher works with the Million Acre Challenge to provide strategy, messaging, design, media relations, website, and strategic communications support to educate farmers and consumers on the value of soil health best practices.


Earned Media

Strategic Communications


Digital Engagement


Website UI/UX


After leading a branding session, Hatcher developed an award-winning logo and branding style guide. Hatcher’s design team provides ongoing support to ensure that all Million Acre Challenge assets align with the established branding. 


Hatcher leads the public outreach work for the project, educating audiences and promoting adoption of soil health best practices. To date, we’ve collaborated with our partners to establish Million Acre Challenge’s mission, vision, and values; to create new branding and a Graphic Design USA award-winning logo; to reach farmers who may want to join the challenge; and to launch new social media platforms and a website so we can better share information. 

We’re also working to help tell the stories of farmers who are exploring new (and old) ways to increase soil health  and improve their bottom line. We’re also educating consumers about why they should consider supporting farmers working to improve their soil. 


Hatcher designed, created, and maintains the Million Acre Challenge’s website using WordPress. Hatcher’s in-house web developer led a training session on how to make edits to the site and continues to offer back-end support. 

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