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Five Tips for Effective Storytelling

Published by <p>To effectively communicate in the 21st century, we must harness the power of storytelling. At the Hatcher Group, we’ve developed a set of best practices for telling stories effectively.</p>

4 Reasons You Should Podcast

Published by <p>Thinking about starting a podcast at your organization? Podcasts are a trendy and effective communications tool for discussing topical subjects and sharing stories. </p>

Top 5 Things to Do BEFORE and AFTER a Crisis

Published by <p>When it comes to crisis communications, that sentiment could not be more accurate. Every organization could face a crisis that can now unfold at lightning speed in the digital age. With social media, missteps ricochet around the world, and leaders must act quickly to determine and implement the right response.</p>

Ayuda: Helping Immigrants Thrive

Published by <p>Across the country, immigrant families face numerous language, legal and social barriers to economic success. In the D.C. metro region, […]</p>