Hatcher Welcomes Awards Season as the Recipient of Two Recognitions

By Rachel Cain, Senior Associate

With the arrival of Spring, we’re excited to not only welcome warmer days and extra sunlight, but also to celebrate “awards season” as the recipients of two PRNEWS awards. We’re thrilled to be recognized by one of the preeminent communications organizations, as these awards are a testament to what’s possible when passion and drive fuse in pursuit of a common goal — when powered by purpose.

Hatcher is the proud recipient of a PRNEWS award for our work on the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) rebrand campaign and an honorable mention for our News Literacy Project (NLP) social media campaign.

CBCF, which works to advance the global Black community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public, partnered with Hatcher to refresh its brand and redesign its website. This entailed creating a new logo with a design based on the painting on the U.S. Capital Building dome, to highlight CBCF’s important work and its goal to lift the Black community to new heights. After completing the rebrand, we created a new website and suite of materials, including videos, motion graphics, event promotional materials and templates, and digital advertising. You can learn more about our work for CBCF here.

When it comes to educating social media audiences on deciphering creditable news, our work with NLP allowed the organization to strengthen its ability to reach educators and students, informing them of resources and tools to help them become well informed and actively engaged consumers of news and information.  We developed a digital communications campaign for NLP, beginning with educating the public about its Checkology program, an instrumental tool for teachers to help students navigate the complex and fast-paced daily information overload. Our digital team also developed tactics for NLP to promote its “Is that a fact?” podcast series to new audiences while driving listenership and awareness. Our “award-winning” digital strategy included social media and programmatic streaming audio ads to reach an audience most likely to engage with the podcast, including people already familiar with NLP’s work as well as those who may be high-risk for disinformation campaigns online. The ads generated click through rates far exceeding industry benchmarks.

At Hatcher, the work we do is possible because of the commitment and passion of our mission-driven clients. It’s our privilege to collaborate with them as they seek to motivate their audience and put forth a call-to-action. And while industry recognition is a nice opportunity to take pride in what we do, it pales in comparison to our satisfaction when an award raises the profile of our clients’ work and missions as well.

Find out more about the Hatcher awards here.