Melissa Rogers

Director, Multimedia Production

Melissa Rogers is a video producer and multimedia specialist with a penchant for documentary filmmaking, photography, and motion graphics. For over a decade, Melissa has cultivated her production skill-set while working for a variety of nonprofits, academic institutions, and freelance clients.

Prior to joining The Hatcher Group, Melissa honed her storytelling skills towards social advocacy while serving as Director of Production of Stone Soup Films, producing probono documentary films and providing strategic communication support for local nonprofits. While there she helped create Breakthrough, a Fledgling Fund Engagement Lab documentary that followed three DC schools and their struggle to implement student-centered change strategies within a highly traditional system.

She received her MFA in Media Arts from Emerson College, where she focused her studies on interactive media, media pedagogy, and documentary filmmaking. While in Boston, she collaborated on numerous projects ranging from Dying of the Light, a documentary about projectionists facing the death of the art of film projection, to Michel Gondry’s “Is the Tall Man Happy?” , a series of illustrated interviews conducted with Noam Chomsky. Additionally, she graduated from Shepherd University in WV with a BFA in Computer/Digital Imagery, spending years in darkrooms mastering the basics of light, color, and stubborn perfectionism.


  • Storytelling: My continuing mission to is to seek out, distill, and communicate the soul of individuals and organizations through film.
  • Rustic Hospitality: I focus on the humanity in us all and go the extra mile to make sure my video subjects feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Collaboration: I strive to build environments where everyone feels creatively included, heard, and respected.
  • Stress Baking: Everyone wins!

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