New Faces and Talents: Hatcher Acquires Horne Creative Group

By Hazel Horvath, Communications Associate

We are excited to announce The Hatcher Group is joining forces with Horne Creative Group, combining the talents of two purpose-driven, full-service communications and marketing firms. The acquisition will grow Hatcher’s team to more than 50 communications strategists, designers, digital experts, multimedia creators, event planners, writers, and earned and paid media staff members. With the addition of the Horne team, Hatcher has grown 50% since 2020!

Over 28 years ago, Phyllis Horne launched Horne Creative Group. She was highly selective when choosing a new home for her firm and for the team that helped build it. Helping her decide on Hatcher was the fact that Hatcher, too, is a woman-owned small business — and one that shares similar values and focuses on creativity and quality.

The Horne team brings significant experience with nonprofit organizations and government clients, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service, and Social Security Administration. Horne’s campaigns for the FBI have attracted national media attention and boosted applications from select groups, including minorities, women, and college students. That record of success will continue as Hatcher takes on managing the FBI recruitment contract.

The new Hatcher team members have expertise across the communications and marketing field, including graphic design, digital marketing, client relations, and media outreach. We look forward to tapping into their talent and increasing our team’s capacity to develop and execute effective communications strategies for mission-driven organizations, as we have done for over 20 years. Join us in welcoming our new team members!

MaameYaa Danso, Graphic Designer

MaameYaa is an experienced graphic designer with over four years of experience in digital marketing. Driven by her love for design, she takes pride in creating the best work possible and constantly learning how to improve. She is passionate about branding, and helping clients create an identity for themselves. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her three brothers, traveling with friends, and binge-watching her favorite TV dramas.

David Irish, Senior Director

David has over 25 years of marketing and communications experience working with various clients, including commercial and residential real estate firms, associations and trade show managers, and government agencies. Born, raised, and educated in Maryland, David lives in Frederick County with his wife, Stephanie; his daughters, Cassidy and Catelynn; dog, Bailey; and two cats, Guinness and Mr. Boh.

Dee Kuhn, Senior Editor

Dee is a longtime journalist and editor, working for mainstream, custom, and trade publications before moving to advertising and communications. After more than 30 years of writing and editing content, Dee still loves what she does, never passes up a grammar quiz, and finds great joy in making content flow. During her off time, Dee and her husband, Fred, practice patience while renovating a fixer-upper in Warrenton, Virginia. Dee practices yoga, is an avid reader, and loves a good pun!

Warren Levy, Vice President, Finance and Operations

Warren brings over 13 years of marketing and advertising agency experience with federal clients working on both the external (client accounts) and internal (operations). He is passionate about creating an open, collaborative work environment that empowers the team. Outside of work, he’s an avid Maryland Terrapin and D.C. sports fan, enjoys trying to finish the Sunday Washington Post Magazine crossword, and is looking forward to the return of live music.

Karen Lonesome, Senior Art Director

Karen is an experienced designer with a love of minutiae. Art has always been a passion of hers. The D.C. area is great for exposure to all types of work, and her 20-year career has been engaging and fulfilling. She’s had her hand in many different government projects, some unique consumer and travel accounts, and even book cover design.

Brittany Marchione, Media Specialist

Brittany began her career in digital marketing three years ago, after graduating from West Virginia University. She’s passionate about programmatic advertising and loves to learn about the ever-changing digital media landscape. In her free time, she loves to cook, hang out with friends, and try new restaurants in the Arlington, Virginia and D.C. areas.

Scott Parker, Senior Graphic Designer

Scott has 30 years of career technical experience in graphic design and web design and development. He has worked in a variety of roles and industries, including as a graphic designer at an in-house printing company; graphic designer in support of Army contracts for Fort Belvoir and Fort Lee; graphics manager, and designer of marketing materials and online education training for financial services; and health care and recruitment campaigns.

Roxanna Pautienus, Vice President

With more than 23 years’ experience in the marketing industry, Roxanna has a history of forging deep client relationships by providing exceptional service, support, and strategic, integrated brand marketing strategies. Roxanna lives in Charlottesville with her husband, Bryan, and two children, Ella and Joe. She is a left- and right-brain person and a self-proclaimed techie who loves data, but her main passion in life is art, specifically oil painting and photography.

Becca Rodway, Media Specialist

Becca has been working in the marketing and media industry for 10 years. She is a passionate, skilled marketing and advertising professional with expertise in digital strategy and media. Becca lives for her family and believes in always being positive, supporting each other as humans, and empowering everyone to become great in their lives, personally and professionally.